Securus Technologies Help Inmates Get Through The Hot Summer

This summer, particularly the past two months, has been categorized as one of the hottest summers on record. Securus was able to help inmates make it through the hot summer with the new programs they have implemented.


One of the newest programs implemented by Securus is their video chat service. This allows inmates to chat with family members and friends all over the world. Some inmates are even lucky enough to have a tablet in their cell for certain portions of the day. Inmates did not have to wait in line or keep their ear on phones filled with sweat. They peacefully spoke with their friends and family members, and this helped them keep their minds off the heat.


Another new program implemented by Securus is their direct deposit feature. This allows family members and friends to deposit money into a commissary account right from their home. Inmates have a card they can use to order what they want, and the money is available immediately. Due to this system, there were several reports of a decline in inmates arguing with prison workers. Prison workers are also happy about this program because they are less responsible for the money of inmates.


It’s rare to hear about inmates leaving reviews for companies, but that is exactly what has happened with Securus. Managers of Securus Technologies were surprised to see thousands of reviews written on their website from inmates. These reviews were heartfelt and explained how Securus is helping inmates have somewhat of a normal life while incarcerated. The majority of reviews were written about the video chat system. These reviews were from moms and dads who are now able to talk to their children face to face on a daily basis. These moms and dads explained how they are even helping their children with homework during their chat session.

Securus Technologies Popular With Inmates And Law Enforcement

Securus Technologies is a private third-party company that does business with our criminal justice systems. This company develops relationships with federal, state and local governments. Securus Technologies then obtains government contracts that give the company the right to provide telecommunications services to a certain number of correctional facilities for a certain period of time.

This position gives the company incredible power over the prisoners inside of the correctional facility. Each of these prisoners and their loved ones must use this company in order to communicate. You can’t simply just choose another service provider if you don’t like your services.

But Securus Technologies treats the prisoner population very well. A quick Internet search turns up the fact that the company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company even voluntary we went through accreditation with the BBB. They paid for an eight point review concerning ethics, transparency, honesty and reasonable pricing. They passed with flying colors.

The company also innovates new technologies to assist law enforcement on a near weekly basis. One of the most impressive pieces of technology concerns contraband. The company uses a jamming system to prevent contraband cell phones from connecting to networks inside of the correctional facility. Smuggled cell phones are one of the most popular contraband items in prisons across the country.

Another innovation allows law enforcement to listen in on flag phone calls. A software program searches for a particular person’s voice or a particular phrase to flag the phone call. The phone call is then recorded so that law enforcement can listen to the information. This information has been used in the court of law to obtain convictions. These phone calls have also prevented crimes from happening inside and outside of it correctional facility. It seems that Securus Technologies is doing right by everybody.


Securus Technologies Has Helped Create a Safer Prison System

Our country has seen itself divided quite sharply over the last few months as the current political climate causes individuals to take harder stances on the issues that truly matter to them. Though each side has a particular set of issues that it values over others, for some it’s creating safety for those overseas and under the influence of oppression, while for some taking care of those within our borders carries a higher priority, both sides agree that the prison system needs to revisit many of the policies currently in place to create a safer environment.


More easily said than easily done, creating a safer prison system will require that many individual pieces move in unison with the common goal of increased security and safety in mind. As each section of the prison system does what it can to create a safer environment not only for inmates but those who work within the facilities as well, one company has put their efforts completely behind given prison officials the tools they need to ensure that prisons remain safe and crime free across the country.


Securus Helps Thwart Crime Within the Prison System


Securus Technologies is an inmate communications solutions company that supplies many of the systems used by inmates daily to facilitate communications between those incarcerated and their loved ones. The company has done more than what is required of a technology company to ensure that the facilities that currently use their communication solutions remain safe and crime free. So much so that clients of Securus regularly send letters and leave comments praising the many ways Securus Technologies has helped lower the crime rate within prison facilities.


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