Jeremy Goldstein’s Common Sense Approach

I feel like Jeremy Goldstein is a person who cares about the interest of others and not only himself. The people want to feel like they’re apart of something so being included in shares make them feel wanted and appreciated as customers. Jeremy Goldstein also understands the importance of stock and how it would affect people. Some companies feel like if they involve employers with stock, they would have to pay a lot more taxes, so they rather not acquire such a burden. Learn more:


Jeremy Goldstein believed if companies allow employees to have options they would work harder to get things done and the company would have great success. I understand Jeremy Goldstein’s approach because it do make a lot of sense. If you better a business with hard work and dedication they can afford to pay you great while offering you benefits they can afford to give you. It’s not a waist to compensate hard working individuals who is showing themselves and other’s what they’re about. Experience in the business world is always substantial. Providing a company with expertise not only would help the company but it will also help the people who buy from the company as well.


The worst thing for me is not being offered some type of hope while working on a job. Some employees are working in sadness and not being taken seriously. All major businesses rely on their employees to succeed otherwise they wouldn’t need them at all. Take Amazon for example, I know a lot of people who work at Amazon including myself and we rely on the company to pay our bills and offer us benefits. That’s just the reality of the matter. If Amazon didn’t have such great benefits including 401k plans a lot of people wouldn’t have money put aside. So what exactly am i trying to say. If a company want to succeed they should take the Jeremy Goldstein’s common sense approach.