Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University NYFW Show consisted of exquisite, passionately designed work. These students were able to show emotion and passion while keeping the clothing tasteful as well. As seen in the show, they had extraordinarily unique work. These designers come from near and far. The Academy of Art University crafts designers from California to Mexico to even China! You can see the diversity of their craft in their impressionable work.

In San Francisco, California, The Academy of Art University stands. Since the University was founded in 1929, they have expressed a focus on creativity and innovation. This University has grown immensely in many ways. In 1929 to 1950, the beginning of the University’s establishment, they began schooling in a loft with just 45 students. It wasn’t until the late 1990’s that they offered a graduate program to receive a masters degree in Fine Arts.

Presently, the Academy of Art University holds around 14,000 students. Their current president, Elisa Stephens understands the importance this University holds in a lot of people’s hearts, for it is dear to hers as well. She, in fact, is the granddaughter of the founder of the University, Richard Stephens. She has been able to innovate the university a great amount simply due to the time and age.

Academy of Art University Students Use Augmented Reality to Benefit Local Neighborhood

At this University, everyone and anyone who holds a true passion for art and design is welcome. While attending, you are encouraged to express yourself and you are given a chance to do that through what you learn and what you feel personally. Along with the talented upperclassmen and graduate students, you can also learn a lot from the amazing professors. They understand that a lot of their students are global, so they take your background into consideration. They do not try to limit anyone, for they understand the diversity of every student and every voice. The Academy of Aet University is an all-inclusive, accepting university that can help you develop skills and knowledge you need to be a master of design.


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