End Citizen United Trying to Eliminate Big Money from the Political Elections in the United States

The political elections in the country are what decides its fate, and if these polls are rigged or influenced, one can imagine the direction in which the nation would move. In the United States, the decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010 in the case between FEC and Citizen United allowed an infinite amount of money to flow into the political elections, which gave the corporate companies and wealthy individuals an upper hand in deciding the fate of the country. When unaccountable money enters the political campaign, it influences the outcome and changes the mindset of the people, which hampers the fate of the country. For more information click here.

The political power from the very beginning has been in the hands of rich and wealthy, and it is what the political action committee by the name of End Citizen United wants to change. The End Citizen United wants to retract the decision made by the Supreme Court regarding the flow of money into the political campaigns to ensure there is accountability. It would ensure that the common people have a say and their voice is heard. The PAC firmly believes that the voice of the everyday people must be heard and that the government should take steps keeping in mind the interest of the ordinary people and not the corporate companies.

The End Citizens United was started in the year 2015 to ensure that the candidates who are championing the same cause as the PAC have their support. The End Citizen United supports the political candidates who have the same ideology as theirs regarding campaign finance rules, financially and otherwise. It would help ensure that more and more people know about the loophole in the finance system of the country’s election and necessary action is taken soon to ensure the credibility of the political election in the country is reinstated. The End Citizen United wants more transparency in the campaign finance rules, so that the people can trust the candidates and the one who finally wins keeps his promises and works for the people, and not for the big corporations.

The End Citizen United is also against the rollback of the Johnson Amendment, which would make it easier for the big corporations to funnel their money into the election campaigns through the churches and charities. Such laundering of funds would weaken the integrity of the political election and would also inflict a blow on the sanctity of churches and charitable organizations. The End Citizen United supports Johnson Amendment to ensure that the churches and other such organizations are not used to funnel money into the elections as that would be a massive blow to the democracy, and also negatively influence the image of the organizations in the question.

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