End Citizens United Champions Johnson Amendment in Wake of Republican Attacks.

In 1954 Lyndon Johnson put forth what would eventually become his most defining piece of legislation, the Johnson Amendment. The Johnson Amendment was a bipartisan bill that was crafted with support from Dwight Eisenhower. The goal of the legislation was to keep religious institutions from engaging politically in exchange for the gift of tax-exemption. Religious institutions saw value in freedom from taxation and for the most part the bill existed without being touched. Now, in recent years, the far right wing of America’s political spectrum seems bent on destroying the power of the Johnson Amendment. President Trump, along with establishment Republicans, have put a proposal out with their tax reform plan that would fundamentally destroy the Johnson Amendment. Repealing the Johnson Amendment could signify true disaster in Washington, D.C.

End Citizens United was founded in order to fight for campaign finance reform in American politics. End Citizens United, which is currently presided over by Tiffany Muller as the PAC President, has been focused on raising grassroots support for the fight against the 2010 SCOTUS case revolving around Citizens United. Citizens United is a conservative propaganda group led by James Bopp that has been working toward dissolving the laws and regulations that keep powerful donors and lobbyists away from politics. Bopp and Citizens United have been peeling back the layers of legislation in order to bring more dark money and special interests into politics to line their own pockets. In doing this, Citizens United has essentially silenced the votes of the American people

End Citizens United is focusing on more than just traditional campaign finance reform and that is why Tiffany Muller has laid out extensive support for the Johnson Amendment. Muller realized immediately that if the Johnson Amendment were removed, it would turn churches into private breeding grounds for funneled money heading into Washington D.C. End Citizens United tweeted out a quick summation of the GOP Tax Plan, which includes destroying the Johnson amendment, and they said: “The GOP tax plan isn’t designed to help working class families. It’s designed to please the GOPs mega-donors.” Muller herself went on to further expound on that quote by saying that the plan can, “Turn churches into tools for secret campaign spending.”

Ultimately, the problem that repealing the Johnson Amendment will create is simple. Lobbyists will be able to donate money o religious organizations which will then be funneled straight into United States politics. These donations will also exist as write-offs for those same mega-donors. Earlier this year, President Trump issued an executive order that essentially acted as a dog-whistle to tell the IRS to stop persecuting churches that were breaking the Johnson Amendment law.President Trump’s blatant disregard for the law is a further sign of potential damage that repealing the Johnson Amendment can lead to. Check more:https://www.opensecrets.org/pacs/lookup2.php?strID=C00573261


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