Betsy DeVos Focusing on the True Future of Our Country

When we are young, we need a role model to teach us what kind of human beings we are supposed to become. Unfortunately, we live in a world that does not extol good virtues anymore. When we look at those in the limelight, all we see are people who promote violence, vengeance, promiscuity, drugs, and the party life. Where can kids, especially young girls, find a good role-model today? I recommend that one person they take a look at is Betsy DeVos.


Betsy DeVos is a fantastic person to have as an idol. The first thing that makes her a good role model for children is that she as a strong foundation. She attended the Holland Christian Highschool in Holland Michigan for four years and used that as a launching pad to attend Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. DeVos knew that college was not a fun party, but instead, the beginning of her career as a productive citizen. Because she knew this, she spent her time gaining a degree in business economics.


The second thing that makes Betsy DeVos a good role-model is that she is active in promoting her values. She pushed her values while serving the Republican Party as the National Committeewoman in her home state of Michigan starting in 1992 and ending in 1997. Also, she would serve as Chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party for four years beginning in 1996. After a three year hiatus, she was re-elected to that position in 2003. Her political savvy caught the eye of the Bush Administration, and she was promoted to the position of Finance Chairperson for the Republican Senatorial Committee.


Betsy Devos continued promoting her values by heading up various PACs. These PACs included All Children Matter and Alliance for School Choice. Her passion for education would become evident to the world when she was elected in 2016 to serve as the United States Secretary of Education within the administration of Donald Trump.


The third thing that makes Betsy DeVos a good role-model is that she also is a generous giver which can be seen in the DeVos Foundation, which she co-headed with her husband, Dick DeVos. Through that foundation, Betsy has given over $139 million, landing her family as #24 on Forbes top American givers list. In 2015, she gave over $11 million to charity.


The fourth thing that makes Betsy DeVos a good role-model is that she knows what she believes. A Christian through and through, DeVos aspires to spread Judeo-Christian values, as well as the values of civilization, throughout the country. Her foundation spreads these beliefs by educating others in areas ranging from leadership to art to community to justice as well as education.


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