End Citizens United Is Protecting Johnson Amendment

Right now the public is focused on the investigation on Russia with regard to President Trump and his administration. But now the Republican leaders are focusing on removing several important campaign finance laws on. The 2010 Citizens United decision gave equal rights to the individuals as well as corporations. Now it seems that the Supreme Court is going to allow these rights to get extended to the non-profit organizations such as churches too. In order to facilitate this, President Trump has already signed an executive order which is going make the Johnson Amendment weak. This is an Amendment that has specifically forbidden these organizations from participating either directly or indirectly, in any kind of political campaigns that may be impacting a candidate in any way. But the House appears keen to destroy this amendment completely. Visit technewsspy.com to know more.

End Citizens United had issued a press release in 2017 which strongly opposed these attempts by the current administration to take away the protections being offered by this Johnson Amendment. This had been introduced by the U.S. Senator Lyndon Johnson, who became the President later on. End Citizens United has claimed that this move by the current administration will turn churches into tools that will be used for secret spending on campaigns. In case this move is passed, tax-free money will reach the political candidates through religious groups. This is because people who donate to churches are the recipients of tax deductions also.

This Johnson Amendment was introduced in 1954. It is something that is close to the heart of President Trump as he was labeled as a communist by various non-profit organizations while he was campaigning. The amendment has terms, 501(c)(3) in which the organizations such as churches and charities as well as universities can lose their tax-exempt status in case they are participating in any form of political campaigning. In this way, the Johnson Amendment was an attempt to keep the church and state separate. This is something that is ensured by the U.S. Constitution too.

But this amendment is not prohibiting these groups from participating in politics completely. They can still organize events that may support any political side. This is why voter registration drives are held in churches since these are non-partisan in nature. But now it appears that the amendment is going to lose its intended purpose.

Johnson Amendment is designed to prevent donors from sending in their political contributions through religious donations that will be exempted from tax too. These will funnel the political causes supported by them. In case this amendment goes away, anyone would be able to donate money to either a church or any other such organization that is tax-exempt. The money may not support the stated goals of that organization but just reach the political groups. Check more:https://www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00573261/