Securus Technologies Help Inmates Get Through The Hot Summer

This summer, particularly the past two months, has been categorized as one of the hottest summers on record. Securus was able to help inmates make it through the hot summer with the new programs they have implemented.


One of the newest programs implemented by Securus is their video chat service. This allows inmates to chat with family members and friends all over the world. Some inmates are even lucky enough to have a tablet in their cell for certain portions of the day. Inmates did not have to wait in line or keep their ear on phones filled with sweat. They peacefully spoke with their friends and family members, and this helped them keep their minds off the heat.


Another new program implemented by Securus is their direct deposit feature. This allows family members and friends to deposit money into a commissary account right from their home. Inmates have a card they can use to order what they want, and the money is available immediately. Due to this system, there were several reports of a decline in inmates arguing with prison workers. Prison workers are also happy about this program because they are less responsible for the money of inmates.


It’s rare to hear about inmates leaving reviews for companies, but that is exactly what has happened with Securus. Managers of Securus Technologies were surprised to see thousands of reviews written on their website from inmates. These reviews were heartfelt and explained how Securus is helping inmates have somewhat of a normal life while incarcerated. The majority of reviews were written about the video chat system. These reviews were from moms and dads who are now able to talk to their children face to face on a daily basis. These moms and dads explained how they are even helping their children with homework during their chat session.

What You Need to Know About Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College has opened a great recycling firm at Costa Mesa. The establishment has been completed recently and is now open to members of the public. The people that took part in the construction of the facility to a period 16 months and the cost of this project is estimated to be over $7 million. The facility covers an area estimated to be five acres. The opening of this ceremony was marked with pomp and color with the staff members cutting a special cake as well as a ribbon to usher in this new recycling center.


This mega project is very vital to the residents of the cities across Southern California. They can conveniently drop an array of waste products as well as unwanted equipment including glass, metal scraps as well as aluminum cans. The staff members at the facility do compensate the visitors on selected materials, for every pound of HDPE plastic, the visitor bags fifty six cents. It is worth noting that this facility also collects old clothes as well as cooking oils. It does not recycle car and boat batteries as well as others chemicals such as paints and engine oil. This facility is very beneficial to the locals in terms of free storage space as well as a source of extra income it offers. Its eco-friendly design is simply superior.


Orange Coast College, commonly referred to as OCC, sits on a 164-acre land in Costa Mesa, a few minutes from the breathtakingly beautiful beaches of Southern California. The institution was established in the tear 1947, but the classes kicked off the following year. The institution has gradually grown over the years to where it is today. It has become one of the largest as well as the finest community college with a whopping 25,000 students enrollment per semester. Learn more:


The institution features state of the art facilities and boasts of over 135academic as well as career programs. Among all the community colleges in Orange County, OCC always emerges first. It has the largest as well as the most acclaimed public nautical program in the whole nation. Learn more: