Whitney Wolfe Changes The Women Fate

Whitney Wolfe is recognized in the American economy for being an aggressive entrepreneur. Moreover, she is known for her strength, determination, and resilience. Whitney was a co-founder in Tinder and is the President and founder of Bumble App and its module Bumble BFF.

The Nasty Experience Becomes a Revolution
Whitney admits that she spent sleepless nights after her failed relationship with Justin Mateen. That was not only because of the relationship but because she was also cheated out of the Tinder Business deal by Justin and the other partners. Justin and the other Tinder co-founders said that having a woman in their company made them look like a joke. They forgot all the hard work and contribution that Whitney had made in the company as co-founder. Justin also called Whitney a whore in the public and greatly humiliated her. Only a strong woman would recover from such a fall. Whitney decided to seek justice in the legal system, and the court awarded her sufficient damages.

The nasty experience made Whitney Wolfe decide to launch an app where the woman would have more power than the man. The woman would no longer wait for men to call the shots; she would now call the shots. Whitney realized that women like her who are go getters do not need to sit back and wait for a man to approach them; they may as well approach the man they love.

Bumble Values
Wolfe operates the dating app on two basic values: avoid nudity and be kind. Men who love posting shirtless photos are prohibited from the act and so are those who send unsolicited male genitals. Whitney refers to the above as lack of etiquette that a sophisticated woman cannot condone. At the same time, Whitney rebukes the men who love ghosting or disappearing from romantic relationships without explanations. Bumble demands that each user should consider the feelings of other users before they make any communication, as that builds respectful relationships.

On the other hand, Bumble BFF, which is a module within Bumble, utilizes the same principles. The app allows women to socialize among themselves and find friends, whom they can trust. Whitney added the feature after releasing that women were using Bumble to make female friends.

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