Fabletics Aims to Bite on the Clothing Market Share of Amazon with their Unique Offering

Fabletics is a fitness clothing company that offers a unique membership offer to its customers that allow them to pick one outfit from their collection every month to wear. All of the VIP members of the company get their first outfit for $25 and also further discounts on many other products from their store. It means that the customers can purchase three to four outfits at affordable prices. Customers also have the liberty to skip a month or two, in case they do not want to buy anything for that particular month.


Fabletics is using a technique called the reverse showroom technique to increase their foothold in the market. The customers can get a preview of their entire collection online. But, they do not have to purchase them online necessarily. They can then visit the nearest store and then try on the outfits to know which one of perfect for them. Even though big companies like Amazon are doing away with a physical store, Fabletics is looking to change the way people shop. They understand that being in physical contact with their customers is important to create brand awareness.


Fabletics uses their website to update their data on personal choices and knows the demand for particular style. It also allows them to stock apparels at different stores across the country. They also use Omnicart to find out how their customers are responding to their new designs of clothes and what they would like to be changed. The company knows that even though the old retail model is seeing its ending, there is always demand for physical stores of brands that were started online and those who want to grow.


Using the Lifestyle Quiz on their company website, you can find out the best Fabletics gear that is right for you. By answering questions like the kind of workout you indulge in and the outfit style that you prefer, the company picks out some outfits for you to choose from.


Kate Hudson, the founder of Fabletics, wants to ensure that they offer dedicated customer service to their customers. She overlooks the functioning of the company and is determined to make her customers happy with each delivery that they send out to them. Kate is sure that through their high-quality of service and trendy apparels, they can quickly take over about 20% of the total apparel market of Amazon in a short period.

David McDonald’ Exceptional Achievements As OSI Group’s President

As a boy growing up on the farms of Iowa, the current President of OSI Group David McDonald developed an interest in agriculture industry at an early age. Years of working on the farm created in him a desire to improve the operations in the industry. His parents, though not wealthy, helped in nurturing his dream by ensuring he attained a good education. In 1987 he joined Iowa State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in animal science.

After completing his studies at the Iowa State University, he joined Chicago-based OSI industries in 1991. Through hard work and integrity, David has risen through the company’s leadership ranks to become its chief operations officer and the president. His exceptional leadership and outstanding achievements earned him the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. Today Mr. McDonald is one of the most respected authorities in the industry.

OSI group is the world’s leading supplier of value-added proteins such as beef patties, pizza, sausage links, and sandwiches. It currently has more than fifty facilities distributed in over 17 countries including China where it has eight operational factories. David McDonald OSI Group plans to make OSI group the largest producer of poultry products in China. To this end, the company created a joint venture with DOYOO Group in 2012 and launched a mega processing plant in the Henan province the same year.

Besides, the projects in China, he has guided the company through many other profitable endeavors. In 2012 alone, the company launched some projects which included the expansion of the Poland Beef-processing factory by 30%, building a new frozen food processing facility in India and starting a modern feed mill in Shandong province. The feed mill’s annual capacity is approximately 600000 metric tons. Others projects were in Geneva and Hungary.

In its strategy to extend its market in Europe, the company acquired Baho Food in 2016. David McDonald praised the acquisition as a significant investment that compliments the OSI’s already existing products consequently increasing their demand. These successes are results of OSI group’s ability to keep up with global trends. McDonald made this possible by creating a perfect coordination between the company’s global logistic teams and local operations.

Jason Hope Has So Much Faith in the Internet of Things Technology, and as a Technology Enthusiast, His Thoughts are Well- Grounded

As a technology guru, Jason Hope often writes about the latest trends in technology. One of the topics he has recently expounded on is the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a technology that uses the same network to connect various devices, allowing them to share data and sync with one another. The aim is to increase efficiency, safety, and decrease wastage in the day to day life. These devices include kitchen appliances, cars, electronics, and street lights among others. According to Jason, the Internet of Things stands as one of the major advancement in technology and learn more about Jason.

The Effect

The Internet of Things is about to revolutionize how even the simplest things are conducted and how businesses operate. Currently, people find smart technology very convenient for enabling them to get online with their phones and computer. This perspective is about to change with technology, helping them carry on other tasks like making coffee. As more and more people begin to embrace this technology, big technology corporations are likely to make big investments in this areas. Most of these companies will engage in creating the most useful and diverse apps that will take over the market. This move will create competition that Jason terms to be fierce.

The Future is Here

The Internet of Things technology has already been effective in some industries. The public transport sector, for instance, has adopted this technology to eliminate waste and enhance safety. With the help of the Internet of Things, maintenance issues have been put in check. The sector has also enjoyed the ability to map routes in a real-time manner to avoid dangerous road conditions. As technology continues to improve things in the public transport sector, more benefits are likely to arise, such as less congestion, reduced pollution, and minimal road accidents and more information click here.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is well-known as a futurist and a generous philanthropist. His interests lie mostly in technology. He specialized in the management of businesses during his master’s program at ASU’s W.P Carey School of Business. He also studied finance extensively at Arizona State University. Jason Hope started his career in communications but currently invests in biotechnology and startups and Jason’s lacrosse camp.