George Soros Story of Resilience and Tenacity in the Face of Adversity

George Soros’s story from humble origins to the pinnacles of financial success and political ambition reads like a fairytale, or better still, it is akin to the proverbial sphinx that rose from the ashes of its death. The cat has many lives, and so does this man have many lives. A Hungarian-born immigrant, he left his country of birth and moved westwards in search of education and other economic opportunities. He started out as a waiter and a railway porter in order to secure education in the London School of Economics.

His first employment was at a merchant bank, where he most likely got his first appetite for success. He never looked back, but he threw himself into the whirlpool of business in financial circles. His determination and ambition to succeed beyond success launched him into a journey to Wall Street in New York City. Armed with zeal, vivacity; predatory instincts and $12 million in 1969, Soros set up his first hedge fund which was later renamed the Quantum Fund. A speculator whose instincts pointed in the right direction, this billionaire made huge profits by trading on the British pound. Subsequently, his star shot higher in the financial sky, and he became a heavyweight investor in fund management.

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Presently, his assets are valued at $30 billion, and he has hired a top brain investment professional, Dawn Fitzpatrick, to manage his gigantic investment portfolio known as Soros Fund Management. However, Soros is not only a success story in the finance business, but he also loves politics, and he is a great philanthropist. Having unsuccessfully run against President George W. Bush in 2004 and faded from politics back to finances, he has reincarnated as a leading donor to Democratic politics and causes.

George Soros now champions issues that touch on liberal politics. He is passionate about causes such as reforms for immigrants, religious tolerance, and a revamped criminal justice system. He is keen in reinvigorating the voting interests of minority groups especially among the Hispanics and other than that, he has pitched a war against conservatives who restrict voting by supporting a nonprofit known as Voting Rights Trust that champions this cause. His funding is also spread to include many groups that mobilize voters both at the national and state levels. Other organizations that he is funding with a passion unequaled in recent times are those that support abortion rights


His other philanthropic engagements include a great desire to help combat climate change, and fight income imbalances and inequalities. Towards this end, he channels millions of dollars to nonprofits who view the defense of human rights as a worthy undertaking. Lastly, this business magnate hopes to increase access to education and health care, and to reshape the democratic process in Eastern Europe, and the entire world.

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Samuel Strauch and Real Estate in Florida

Mr Samuel Strauch is a real estate businessman and company owner. He and his business are located in one of the most bustling areas of the market of real estate in the Unites States of America – Miami Beach, Florida. He has specialised in property development and property investment.

He received his education from the Hofstra University, based in New York City. Mr Samuel Strauch earned a major in Business. He has been a part of Erasmus University in Rotterdam and the University of Harvard as well.

Mr Samuel Strauch first went into the business of banking but after several years decided to become a part of the family business which is real estate. He joined the company his family had founded and excelled at his position. Mr Samuel Strauch found that he has a natural instinct for the business of real estate development and investment.

In 2002, Mr Samuel Strauch founded the company Metrik Real Estate. The company is based in Miami Beach, Florida which is a very useful location for any real estate business. Mr Samuel Strauch acts as the principal of Metrik Real Estate. The company has expanded a lot over the past five years or so. There are now offices all across South Florida, and the reach of the company has extended to Latin America as well.

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Mr Samuel Strauch is extremely fond of his company and line of work. He enjoys knowing that his business provides people of all ages with a safe home where they can build their future, create a family, or start a new life. As a business, the part os real estate that fascinates Mr Samuel Strauch the most are management and brokerage. The process of creating contracts is also a feature of the business that is of the highest importance. The company has come a long way.

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WEN Cleansing Conditioner Will Change Your Life

Sick and tired of the same old shampoos and conditioners that just seem to dry out your hair? Ready to try something new? Then you’ll love WEN Cleansing Conditioner. It is unique and not like anything on the market. It actually replaces your shampoo and conditioner and is also a deep conditioner, detangle, and leave-in conditioner.

It doesn’t lather because it cleanses without the use of harsh and damaging sulphates that are found in most shampoos. It won’t leave your hair feeling dry and brittle, either because it doesn’t strip your hair of its natural oils. It will leave your hair feeling strong, moisturized, and manageable.

Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner has great color coverage and is great for all hair types and textures. It is made of natural ingredients like glycerin which is a humectant that moisturizes your hair, and chamomile extract that is soothing and calming, and wild cherry bark that is formulated to help condition hair. WEN hair also has rosemary extract that soothes hair and panthenol that is designed to strengthen and restores your hair’s natural resilience.

In just a short 3 week study of using Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner, 100 percent of testers said that their hair felt more moisturized, 97 percent found their hair to be more shiny, and 95 percent noticed that their hair was more manageable than before they tried the amazing WEN product.

Chaz Dean has a strong passion for hair and is always coming out with new and exciting products to help people to achieve the hair they have only ever dreamed of having. He has an impressive clientele list that even includes celebrities and he is very successful in his hairstyling business. Even despite all of his success, he is very humble and has a calm aura about him.