End Citizens United Champions Johnson Amendment in Wake of Republican Attacks.

In 1954 Lyndon Johnson put forth what would eventually become his most defining piece of legislation, the Johnson Amendment. The Johnson Amendment was a bipartisan bill that was crafted with support from Dwight Eisenhower. The goal of the legislation was to keep religious institutions from engaging politically in exchange for the gift of tax-exemption. Religious institutions saw value in freedom from taxation and for the most part the bill existed without being touched. Now, in recent years, the far right wing of America’s political spectrum seems bent on destroying the power of the Johnson Amendment. President Trump, along with establishment Republicans, have put a proposal out with their tax reform plan that would fundamentally destroy the Johnson Amendment. Repealing the Johnson Amendment could signify true disaster in Washington, D.C.

End Citizens United was founded in order to fight for campaign finance reform in American politics. End Citizens United, which is currently presided over by Tiffany Muller as the PAC President, has been focused on raising grassroots support for the fight against the 2010 SCOTUS case revolving around Citizens United. Citizens United is a conservative propaganda group led by James Bopp that has been working toward dissolving the laws and regulations that keep powerful donors and lobbyists away from politics. Bopp and Citizens United have been peeling back the layers of legislation in order to bring more dark money and special interests into politics to line their own pockets. In doing this, Citizens United has essentially silenced the votes of the American people

End Citizens United is focusing on more than just traditional campaign finance reform and that is why Tiffany Muller has laid out extensive support for the Johnson Amendment. Muller realized immediately that if the Johnson Amendment were removed, it would turn churches into private breeding grounds for funneled money heading into Washington D.C. End Citizens United tweeted out a quick summation of the GOP Tax Plan, which includes destroying the Johnson amendment, and they said: “The GOP tax plan isn’t designed to help working class families. It’s designed to please the GOPs mega-donors.” Muller herself went on to further expound on that quote by saying that the plan can, “Turn churches into tools for secret campaign spending.”

Ultimately, the problem that repealing the Johnson Amendment will create is simple. Lobbyists will be able to donate money o religious organizations which will then be funneled straight into United States politics. These donations will also exist as write-offs for those same mega-donors. Earlier this year, President Trump issued an executive order that essentially acted as a dog-whistle to tell the IRS to stop persecuting churches that were breaking the Johnson Amendment law.President Trump’s blatant disregard for the law is a further sign of potential damage that repealing the Johnson Amendment can lead to. Check more:https://www.opensecrets.org/pacs/lookup2.php?strID=C00573261


Betsy DeVos Focusing on the True Future of Our Country

When we are young, we need a role model to teach us what kind of human beings we are supposed to become. Unfortunately, we live in a world that does not extol good virtues anymore. When we look at those in the limelight, all we see are people who promote violence, vengeance, promiscuity, drugs, and the party life. Where can kids, especially young girls, find a good role-model today? I recommend that one person they take a look at is Betsy DeVos.


Betsy DeVos is a fantastic person to have as an idol. The first thing that makes her a good role model for children is that she as a strong foundation. She attended the Holland Christian Highschool in Holland Michigan for four years and used that as a launching pad to attend Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. DeVos knew that college was not a fun party, but instead, the beginning of her career as a productive citizen. Because she knew this, she spent her time gaining a degree in business economics.


The second thing that makes Betsy DeVos a good role-model is that she is active in promoting her values. She pushed her values while serving the Republican Party as the National Committeewoman in her home state of Michigan starting in 1992 and ending in 1997. Also, she would serve as Chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party for four years beginning in 1996. After a three year hiatus, she was re-elected to that position in 2003. Her political savvy caught the eye of the Bush Administration, and she was promoted to the position of Finance Chairperson for the Republican Senatorial Committee.


Betsy Devos continued promoting her values by heading up various PACs. These PACs included All Children Matter and Alliance for School Choice. Her passion for education would become evident to the world when she was elected in 2016 to serve as the United States Secretary of Education within the administration of Donald Trump.


The third thing that makes Betsy DeVos a good role-model is that she also is a generous giver which can be seen in the DeVos Foundation, which she co-headed with her husband, Dick DeVos. Through that foundation, Betsy has given over $139 million, landing her family as #24 on Forbes top American givers list. In 2015, she gave over $11 million to charity.


The fourth thing that makes Betsy DeVos a good role-model is that she knows what she believes. A Christian through and through, DeVos aspires to spread Judeo-Christian values, as well as the values of civilization, throughout the country. Her foundation spreads these beliefs by educating others in areas ranging from leadership to art to community to justice as well as education.


To learn more, visit http://www.betsydevos.com/.

End Citizens United Is Protecting Johnson Amendment

Right now the public is focused on the investigation on Russia with regard to President Trump and his administration. But now the Republican leaders are focusing on removing several important campaign finance laws on. The 2010 Citizens United decision gave equal rights to the individuals as well as corporations. Now it seems that the Supreme Court is going to allow these rights to get extended to the non-profit organizations such as churches too. In order to facilitate this, President Trump has already signed an executive order which is going make the Johnson Amendment weak. This is an Amendment that has specifically forbidden these organizations from participating either directly or indirectly, in any kind of political campaigns that may be impacting a candidate in any way. But the House appears keen to destroy this amendment completely. Visit technewsspy.com to know more.

End Citizens United had issued a press release in 2017 which strongly opposed these attempts by the current administration to take away the protections being offered by this Johnson Amendment. This had been introduced by the U.S. Senator Lyndon Johnson, who became the President later on. End Citizens United has claimed that this move by the current administration will turn churches into tools that will be used for secret spending on campaigns. In case this move is passed, tax-free money will reach the political candidates through religious groups. This is because people who donate to churches are the recipients of tax deductions also.

This Johnson Amendment was introduced in 1954. It is something that is close to the heart of President Trump as he was labeled as a communist by various non-profit organizations while he was campaigning. The amendment has terms, 501(c)(3) in which the organizations such as churches and charities as well as universities can lose their tax-exempt status in case they are participating in any form of political campaigning. In this way, the Johnson Amendment was an attempt to keep the church and state separate. This is something that is ensured by the U.S. Constitution too.

But this amendment is not prohibiting these groups from participating in politics completely. They can still organize events that may support any political side. This is why voter registration drives are held in churches since these are non-partisan in nature. But now it appears that the amendment is going to lose its intended purpose.

Johnson Amendment is designed to prevent donors from sending in their political contributions through religious donations that will be exempted from tax too. These will funnel the political causes supported by them. In case this amendment goes away, anyone would be able to donate money to either a church or any other such organization that is tax-exempt. The money may not support the stated goals of that organization but just reach the political groups. Check more:https://www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00573261/



Securus Technologies Help Inmates Get Through The Hot Summer

This summer, particularly the past two months, has been categorized as one of the hottest summers on record. Securus was able to help inmates make it through the hot summer with the new programs they have implemented.


One of the newest programs implemented by Securus is their video chat service. This allows inmates to chat with family members and friends all over the world. Some inmates are even lucky enough to have a tablet in their cell for certain portions of the day. Inmates did not have to wait in line or keep their ear on phones filled with sweat. They peacefully spoke with their friends and family members, and this helped them keep their minds off the heat.


Another new program implemented by Securus is their direct deposit feature. This allows family members and friends to deposit money into a commissary account right from their home. Inmates have a card they can use to order what they want, and the money is available immediately. Due to this system, there were several reports of a decline in inmates arguing with prison workers. Prison workers are also happy about this program because they are less responsible for the money of inmates.


It’s rare to hear about inmates leaving reviews for companies, but that is exactly what has happened with Securus. Managers of Securus Technologies were surprised to see thousands of reviews written on their website from inmates. These reviews were heartfelt and explained how Securus is helping inmates have somewhat of a normal life while incarcerated. The majority of reviews were written about the video chat system. These reviews were from moms and dads who are now able to talk to their children face to face on a daily basis. These moms and dads explained how they are even helping their children with homework during their chat session.

What You Need to Know About Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College has opened a great recycling firm at Costa Mesa. The establishment has been completed recently and is now open to members of the public. The people that took part in the construction of the facility to a period 16 months and the cost of this project is estimated to be over $7 million. The facility covers an area estimated to be five acres. The opening of this ceremony was marked with pomp and color with the staff members cutting a special cake as well as a ribbon to usher in this new recycling center.


This mega project is very vital to the residents of the cities across Southern California. They can conveniently drop an array of waste products as well as unwanted equipment including glass, metal scraps as well as aluminum cans. The staff members at the facility do compensate the visitors on selected materials, for every pound of HDPE plastic, the visitor bags fifty six cents. It is worth noting that this facility also collects old clothes as well as cooking oils. It does not recycle car and boat batteries as well as others chemicals such as paints and engine oil. This facility is very beneficial to the locals in terms of free storage space as well as a source of extra income it offers. Its eco-friendly design is simply superior.


Orange Coast College, commonly referred to as OCC, sits on a 164-acre land in Costa Mesa, a few minutes from the breathtakingly beautiful beaches of Southern California. The institution was established in the tear 1947, but the classes kicked off the following year. The institution has gradually grown over the years to where it is today. It has become one of the largest as well as the finest community college with a whopping 25,000 students enrollment per semester. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/orangecoastcollege/


The institution features state of the art facilities and boasts of over 135academic as well as career programs. Among all the community colleges in Orange County, OCC always emerges first. It has the largest as well as the most acclaimed public nautical program in the whole nation. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/edu/orange-coast-college-20116


Mike Lacey And Jim Larkin Created The Frontera Fund To Help And Protect Hispanics From Fear Mongering And Hate

The events leading to the Frontera Fund began in October of 2007 when Sheriff Joe Arpaio decided he had the right to take justice into his own hands in complete disregard to the law. He used a group of men he called the Selective Enforcement Unit to strike fear into the people. Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin were two men who held executive positions at the Village Voice Media who fought back. They were taken from the safety of their homes by force during the night into SUV’s that not only had Mexican license plates but windows darkened by tinting. From there they were sent to Arpaio’s jails.


The Phoenix New Times had been publishing stories about Sheriff Joe Arpaio and how he was using the Mexican immigrants for his political posturing. They spoke of his shady finances, the way he wielded his power to go after his critics, and the conditions he ignored in his jails that led to the death of inmates under his care. The newspaper refused to ignore the way inmates were mistreated, his racial profiling, and how his pursuit of Latinos defied the constitution. The arrest of Lacey and Larkin occurred because they wrote a story about the Sheriff and told the truth. The voice of the public led to Lacey and Larkin receiving their freedom less than 24 hours after their arrest with every single charge dropped.


There was a battle in the courts over the illegal arrest and detention centering on the men’s rights under the protection of the First Amendment. The final decision was handed down by the courts in 2012 when the subpoenas received by Larkin and Lacy were deemed invalid. The men had been arrested with no legal probable cause and received $3.7 million in a settlement from the illegal actions of Sheriff Joe Arpaio in 2013. This was when the Frontera Fund began so these men could help the Hispanic community and preserve their civil rights. The Sherriff went after specific individuals simply because they were Hispanic or had brown skin. Larkin and Lacey used their settlement to help these people who only want honest work to improve their lives.


The funds are being used to help nonprofit groups advocating for the inherent rights of Hispanics and to stop the anti-Hispanic agenda of men like the Sheriff. According to Lacey the Sheriff fostered a fear resulting in an election in 2014 where a candidate actually stated there were ISIS terrorists using Arizona as a bridge form Mexico.


Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

The idea of becoming and entrepreneur is fast growing in this generation. Going into business for yourself is bold and risky. What does it take to really own your own business? It takes having a passion and deciding you want to build a career around that passion. Once you decide what you want to do, next you need to work on perfecting your craft. As your business starts to grow you skill set will grow with it.


The process is anything but easy, but it is well worth the challenges that come with it. The beginning is ultimately the hardest part. You are just learning what it means to be in business for yourself. No matter what career you decide to pursue, problems will arise. This is where many start to give up and quit. If you want to be successful you have to work through the problems and figure the best solution for your business. Finding a business mentor or someone to look to for guidance can be of great help to the success of your business. If you have people working with you, such as colleagues and employees, you can utilize these individuals as well. They can offer you a different perspective on any situation or issue you are having. Learn more: http://doedeerefam.com/


It is important to your business that you take risks. This is how your business will grow. Fear can be crippling and can damage a vision. Don’t be afraid to try something different. Taking risks doesn’t mean trying anything that comes to mind. It takes careful planning an preparation. Go with your gut when making these decisions. If it feels worth it, go for it. You can’t plan for all the things that could go wrong, so you deal with the problems as they come. Every successful business has had their own version of having to take a risk that has added to the success of their business.


Creator and Founder of Lime Crime, a cosmetic line, Doe Deere is a true testament to entrepreneurship. Deere found something that she was passionate about, but there was no representation of what truly matched her style, so she created it herself. She started her unique cosmetic line in 2008 as a solely e-commerse business. This decision had set her up for initial challenges, but Deere was persistent in her pursuit of success. She changed the way people viewed shopping for cosmetics. She showed people that they didn’t need to go to a physical store to try on and buy their make-up. She created samples that could be sent in the mail. This technique is now used as a standard for the cosmetic industry. This is just one of the many challenge to success experiences Deere has faced in her journey as an entrepreneur. It shows what anyone can accomplish with dedication and perseverance.


Find your passion, commit to the journey, Know that road blocks will come and work through them, don’t give up on the dream, and believe in yourself. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/doe-deere/

Securus Technologies Popular With Inmates And Law Enforcement

Securus Technologies is a private third-party company that does business with our criminal justice systems. This company develops relationships with federal, state and local governments. Securus Technologies then obtains government contracts that give the company the right to provide telecommunications services to a certain number of correctional facilities for a certain period of time.

This position gives the company incredible power over the prisoners inside of the correctional facility. Each of these prisoners and their loved ones must use this company in order to communicate. You can’t simply just choose another service provider if you don’t like your services.

But Securus Technologies treats the prisoner population very well. A quick Internet search turns up the fact that the company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company even voluntary we went through accreditation with the BBB. They paid for an eight point review concerning ethics, transparency, honesty and reasonable pricing. They passed with flying colors.

The company also innovates new technologies to assist law enforcement on a near weekly basis. One of the most impressive pieces of technology concerns contraband. The company uses a jamming system to prevent contraband cell phones from connecting to networks inside of the correctional facility. Smuggled cell phones are one of the most popular contraband items in prisons across the country.

Another innovation allows law enforcement to listen in on flag phone calls. A software program searches for a particular person’s voice or a particular phrase to flag the phone call. The phone call is then recorded so that law enforcement can listen to the information. This information has been used in the court of law to obtain convictions. These phone calls have also prevented crimes from happening inside and outside of it correctional facility. It seems that Securus Technologies is doing right by everybody.


Whitney Wolfe Changes The Women Fate

Whitney Wolfe is recognized in the American economy for being an aggressive entrepreneur. Moreover, she is known for her strength, determination, and resilience. Whitney was a co-founder in Tinder and is the President and founder of Bumble App and its module Bumble BFF.

The Nasty Experience Becomes a Revolution
Whitney admits that she spent sleepless nights after her failed relationship with Justin Mateen. That was not only because of the relationship but because she was also cheated out of the Tinder Business deal by Justin and the other partners. Justin and the other Tinder co-founders said that having a woman in their company made them look like a joke. They forgot all the hard work and contribution that Whitney had made in the company as co-founder. Justin also called Whitney a whore in the public and greatly humiliated her. Only a strong woman would recover from such a fall. Whitney decided to seek justice in the legal system, and the court awarded her sufficient damages.

The nasty experience made Whitney Wolfe decide to launch an app where the woman would have more power than the man. The woman would no longer wait for men to call the shots; she would now call the shots. Whitney realized that women like her who are go getters do not need to sit back and wait for a man to approach them; they may as well approach the man they love.

Bumble Values
Wolfe operates the dating app on two basic values: avoid nudity and be kind. Men who love posting shirtless photos are prohibited from the act and so are those who send unsolicited male genitals. Whitney refers to the above as lack of etiquette that a sophisticated woman cannot condone. At the same time, Whitney rebukes the men who love ghosting or disappearing from romantic relationships without explanations. Bumble demands that each user should consider the feelings of other users before they make any communication, as that builds respectful relationships.

On the other hand, Bumble BFF, which is a module within Bumble, utilizes the same principles. The app allows women to socialize among themselves and find friends, whom they can trust. Whitney added the feature after releasing that women were using Bumble to make female friends.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe: http://geeksnews.co.uk/with-bumble-bff-whitney-wolfe-says-to-women-youve-got-a-friend/

Hussain Sajwani’s Role in Dubai’s Real Estate Industry

Hussain Sajwani is an alumnus of the University of Washington. Mr. Sajwani began his career as a contract manager in GASCO, a company owned by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. After working for a while, he established his own business. In 1982, he ventured into catering. Hussain a UAE national is now the founder and Chairman of global property development Company DAMAC Properties.


Hussain has worked with Louis Vuitton SE. This company founded on January 1, 1987, and the center of its operations is in Paris, France. This company produced luxury goods and subdivided into different sectors. DAMAC has worked with The Trump Organization, located in New York. Founded in 1980.The company provides real estate services. It also collaborated with Drake and Scull International LLC, established in 1966.


The Damac Group also deals with integrated engineering, construction, and architectural services. The company located in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani family formed a business relationship with Donald trump at the beginning of 2013. The aim of the business partnership between the two was to develop two Trump-reputable golf courses. First trumps golf course Dubai designed by Tiger Woods opened in February 2017 at Damac’s Akoya residential development, the second one is accounted to open in 2018.


DAMAC founded in 2002; it is a part of DAMAC group formed by Mr. Hussain. Damac was listed on the Dubai financial market on 12 January 2015 as among the best. Damac is the first real estate company from the Middle East to appear on London stock exchange. The Company has become the leading developers with projects spanning the GCC, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom.


DAMAC is a public real estate company which deals with engineering, construction, and architecture. The Company engages in the growth of residential, leisure, and commercial properties in Dubai and the Middle East. DAMAC develops golf courses, sky scrapers, and international brands like Versace. The firm also manages hotel apartments.


The Damac owner gave two million AED to provide clothing and warmth for one million deprived children in need around the world. In October 2011, DAMAC Properties launched a welcoming service division to prepare tailored services to residents in 7,957 maintained hotel apartments by the end of 2016, with 2,810 kept hotel rooms to be completed this year.


Follow Hussain Sajwani on Instagram.